Friday, July 17, 2009


the summer journals have fallen to the wayside...well at least for the kids. I'm still working on mine. Looks like I'll just be doing the cool art projects with them, and that's about it!

But that's okay. Mine is turning into my own book of me for this summer, and that's just perfect!
I'm hoping to keep up with Declan's and Khai's...seeing as I'm doing most of theirs myself anyway...but we'll see.

So, I broke down and bought a bind-it-all. I'm hoping to get it on Monday, and then I can start all the cool projects that I've envisioned myself doing in my head. I can't wait.

PLUS...I think I'm adding a summer craft idea...I'll have the kids make a book, and then I'll bind it! I'm also hoping to figure out how to bind books with the whole needle and waxed thread thing too...but for now...I think the bind-it-all will be perfect!

Tomorrow marks the end of a VERY busy week. Other than breakfast with the in-laws at about 9 am, we have NOTHING else on the agenda. We're thinking we might go and look at furniture, if the lady ever calls us back about our credit that should be sitting there, but if we don't feel like it we won't!

Oh!!! and I bought socks to make sock monkeys this weekend too! My friend gave me the idea here:

and finally....some pictures from our camping weekend at Hecla!
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