Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 2nd, 2010

Tonight was peaceful.

I am overwhelmed this year by feeling.  By emotions, by my senses.  So many of the things I see, feel, smell, and hear makes me nostalgic.  The snow falling makes me think of driving home from Polo Park as a kid, with my parents and sisters, and watching the huge snow flakes fall down past the streetlights.  Or sitting at home with all the lights, save the Christmas tree, off, watching the snow fall outside our home.  The smell of our Christmas trees makes my heart fill with love for my husband who gave me the tree.  It really is such a special gift. 

And tonight, watching the kids color these simple snowmen (for this game) I was reminded of how fast time is going by.  I was reminded that taking the time to listen to each of their little thoughts and half sentences is important to them, and to me

I was reminded that even though Declan would rather build a tower with the markers, than color his snowman; and that he would rather smell the markers (even though they are not  Mr. Sketch markers) and use them as chapstick; that it's okay.  He will only be 2 once. 

I was reminded that even though Brett is 13, he is not too old to be included in these little games.  It's good for him, and it's good for us to have him participate. 

So, yes, tonight was peaceful.  And peaceful is a gift. 

**a quick note about the snowman game.  Because I wanted the kids to be able to customize their own snowmen, I printed off the copies from the link above, cut each piece out and traced them onto a plain white piece of paper.  I then photocopied them onto white cardstock, and had the kids color in their own snowmen faces, bodies, scarves etc.  I cut them out, wrote their names and the date on the back of each piece and am now having them laminated and then we will have a snowman game evening when they are done; as well as a sturdy game that we can play for a few years to come! **

***also, Kelsey, Kyle, Justin and Magda, I have copies for you as well! Just for fun, if you want them! ***

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