Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 4th, 2010

One of the reasons I would like to decorate areas of the house before December 1st, is because I would like the time to go through the Christmas bins and decide what we will and won't use this year.  I like to make sure we have enough ornaments, and that I want to use the ornaments we do have.  I like to feel prepared on the morning we decorate the tree. 

I did none of those things this year.

The morning started wonderfully, as we gave each of the kids a Christmas decoration as their advent gift.  A couple years ago, the kids started decorating a mini tree of their own to have in their rooms, and we did that again this year.  It's always really fun watching the kids choose their ornaments and watching how they decorate.  Khai and Declan usually just do what Brett does (this year he put a blinking Rudolph nose around his tree) and it was mostly the same this year.  Although, Declan was quite particular about which ornaments he would and would not allow on his tree (this was evidenced by the tossing certain ornaments across the table and saying, "no like that one"). 

This is Declan's tree.

This is Declan showing me the "race car one". So cute.

I love the image of hands this year.  I can't get over this picture of his little hand showing me the ornament.  It's so precious.

After Declan had decorated this tree, he went back to the dining room, where the rest of the kids were decorating theirs, and he saw Brett's with the blinking nose on it.  He decided his tree needed an addition.

Can you see the nose?

Khai, likewise, wanted his tree to look like Brett's.  He also wanted to look like Justin Beiber when I took his picture.  Apparently, that means doing the peace sign.  I told him no.  He snuck it in there anyway.

He was quite proud of his tree, and if you look carefully, there's a nose on it as well.

He wanted the hockey pucks that we had given Brett earlier that morning.  But, obviously, those were Brett's for his own tree!

You'll notice the big red nose. On the tree that is.

love love love this picture.  So cute.

Magda and Brett actually played a fishing game on iTouch's once they were done their mini-trees.  But she worked hard on her tree and it looks super cute.

Justin decided his tree was lonely and needed it's mummy tree.  Yeah.  This is what passes for wit at our house! (Sadly, I am amused by this and laughed quite hard the first time I spotted it).  

Kelsey wouldn't let me take a picture of her with her tree.  Something about her non-make-up'd face or some other such nonsense.  Instead, I took this one.  She doesn't look bad at all to me! 

As for the actual decorating of the tree.  Well.  Suffice it to say, I was frustrated from the get-go. I did NOT like the assortment of Christmas decorations we had this year.  I wanted  to have it look both traditional and homemade.  Homemade in the sense that there were handmade ornaments by the kids (and my Grandma) on it.  I guess it takes awhile to amass those sorts of ornaments.  We don't actually have any that the kids have made, and only a couple from my Grandma. 

But, we made do with what we had and it got decorated.

This is how Declan contributed.  His favourite part! And no one else was allowed to help him! Only Justin!

Did I mention Brett liked playing fishing?

I wish this photo wasn't blurry!

The completed tree.

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