Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do you have one of those husbands?

You know.  The ones who refuse to let you put up any Christmas decorations until December 1st? And even then, it's begrudgingly?  I do.  And, while I don't want to put up our tree until December 1st (because we have a real one, and it wouldn't last until Christmas otherwise) there are other area's in our home that I would love to have decorated early.  Particularly the areas that I don't want the kids "helping" with.  Like our bedroom for example. 

I was talking with a friend at church on Sunday, who, during her great house renovation, had to have their Christmas tree in her bedroom (because there was nowhere else for it).  I immediately became excited about the idea.  It would go in the corner.  My little desk would move to the other wall, and it would be lovely.  However, I knew that my darling hubby wouldn't go for it.  But, I mentioned it anyway.  He asked me if I was crazy, and we moved on.

On Monday night, shortly after the kids went to bed, Helmut said he was going on a "secret mission".  Normally, I love when he goes on secret missions, because it means he's getting me a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day etc...present.  This time, I was a bit nervous, because I hadn't told him ANYTHING I wanted yet.

An hour later, he came back home, made me go "hide" in the bathroom downstairs with the fan on (so I couldn't hear where he was hiding my gift and go snooping later) until he had hidden it.  He came down to get me, and I went back into our room, where I had been tidying up prior to him coming home.  There, in the corner of our room was a perfect tree.  I was so surprised! It wasn`t even December 1st and he had put up (of his own volition) a Christmas tree, in a room that he said he didn`t want one in anyway!!! Oh, was I happy!!

It was also rather perfect that I had just finished hanging white twinkle lights around our windows.

Our room now smells amazing (without the assistance of Bath and Body Works concentrated room sprays) and all I wanted to do this morning was lay in bed and look at our tree and twinkle lights. 

Thank you Helmut.  It was a wonderful and special gift.  I love it, and I love you!

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